The Ten Minute Test

“You have ten minutes to live. You have a pen and paper. Write. In 3...2...1...”

Thank you my love your body was light

Thank you my sons you are hope

Thank you my landlord for keeping my nights

Thank you my friends for the dope

Nothing but memories and single malt scotch

Nothing is there when time runs out my watch

Everything living and dying at once

Here I am there you are and it doesn’t rhyme and I don’t give a shit

Get out hypocritical measly church mice

your bells never did ring till twelve

I’ll get nothing from you but I’ll give some advice:

Take a break from your eternal selves

Nothing but martinis, old hopes and lost dreams

No one to help me with outrageous schemes

Everything dying and living at once

there you are, here I was and the rhyme doesn’t work for a’ that


Nothing is left but my body in bed

Everyone's waiting until I am dead

Stories and rumours don't mean as much now

Here we are, How are you

And our time's running out like my breath

Farewell to those beautiful women, my friends

to music, to food and to wine

Goodbye to nakedness, sweat and the bends

I’ll be gone, but you’ll do just fine.

I’ll be gone, but you’ll do just fine.

I’ll be gone, but you’ll do just fine.

© 2016 words and music by Edward Moll (SOCAN)

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