Writing on the Wall

The songwriting assignment: something outside your usual genre about a subject that genre doesn't work with. So I ran with it. Or sat with it...

I read your name and didn't want to know you
Thought I was alone inside this stall
Seven numbers on the side
Someone's sharpie, someone's pride
I saw the writing on the wall

Other men scrawled along beside you
Left and right for favours big and small
Invitations and abuse
Words like hammers grammar loose
I saw the writing on the wall

Lonesome loops and lines across the doorway
Scratches of a child pretending to be a man
Threat and insult waiting for an answer
Raw desire etched on paint with one lonely hand

I could stay and add to shards of stories
tell this tiny room I'm tough and tall
Sign on for posterity
but this bowl has enough of me
don't have to say a thing at all
I've seen your writing on the wall

© 2016 words and music by Edward Moll (SOCAN)

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