These are the beginnings of a song for Ukraine: (you'll have to scroll down) 


Yellow blue sunflower sky 

Mother country father child 

Land home time grown 

tongue faith life space 


White blue red snow sky blood 

Mother history father child 

hammer sickle 

power mad power's death 


Nations watch 

Eggshell step, 

Scarce is breath 


Kyiv is born subway floor 

redsoaked car blown out door 

interpreter weeps words 

resolute hope in vain 


Myth still holds David and 

Goliath meet stainéd field 

stands, defends giant slain 

reality: Mother's pain. 


Just one more 

Goddamned thing 

scarce my breath 


Yellow blue white blue red 

life is dear dead is dead. 

Yellow blue fire is nigh 

but child will grow sunflower sky 

                - (c) 2022 Edward St Moritz


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