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There was a time when Edward’s public performances were from behind a pulpit. Now it’s behind nothing more than a microphone and a guitar, with his heart and soul.

He creates and performs songs lyrically driven in a kind of post-folk way, fusing elements of Celtic sensibility, classical Old World influence, and gritty observation. Love is there, but with a distinct taste of cigars and well-aged single malt.

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Note to event coordinators, concert promoters, radio and festival music directors: The album is available (in mp3, mp3 320, FLAC, or wav) for listening in my DropBox account.

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What others are saying:

“Edward’s writing is the essence of chiaroscuro, showing deep insight into the darkness of the human condition, with the light of his perception. the songs describe his mastery of multiple genres, but are performed with a singular style, in his own inimitable voice.”

Paul Court, singer, songwriter, artist

“Ed Moll is… grounded in roots music, [and] his classical side facilitates a widely ranging style in writing and performance. Couple this with an equally wide scope of subject matter and you end up with music that is dynamic and interesting as hell.“

Roy Hickling, singer, songwriter, sculptor, painter

“Your music takes me to somewhere between the Renaissance and a more contemporary Troubadour/Balladeer. Great…funny, honest, interesting, compelling.

Your talent has a “timeless” quality in that your amazing ability to articulate is both clear and emotive. You’ve struck a really authentic and lovely point in this regard.

Your music is skillful both instrumentally and vocally…. authentic, diverse, delivered with mastery and passion “

Marg Gurr, sculptor

“I loved your CD and play it all the time in my car. I like all of the interesting chords and melodies. The lyrics are all like poetry. I could just read the lyrics like a book and be happy – can’t say that for most songs. Thanks Ed! “

Renee Galloway, Owner/Operator Debits and Credits financial services

A few of Ed’s songs…


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