Photo Credit Laura Frederick

Lovelies and gentles,

IMPORTANT: A change in the date. Due to unforeseen technical issues, the online CD release for A Bit Of Change will now be Friday, September 25th, 2020 at 7:30 pm, not Friday September 18th.

My abject apologies for any confusion or inconvenience. Quality takes time, don’tya know…

Watch this space for more details…

And you can still go here:


Hey darlings!

You can start buying my music through Bandcamp downloads. My second album — ”A Bit Of Change” is now hot off the presses. You can still get my first, if you haven’t already “Small Things Shining Bright”

Go here:

PM or email me with your contact info if you want to purchase a hard copy CD, complete with liner notes, amazing photography by Laura Frederick, and of course my thanks and autograph. $25.00 plus shipping. Cheque or e-transfer accepted.



So what happens when you can’t go outside to play? The COVID19 pandemic is a serious situation amplified worldwide. And for music artists it’s especially difficult when we find opportunities to share our craft shrunk to our living spaces.

But thankfully we have the Interwebs to make us known – and that is what I’m doing right now.

I have joined up with to give you an occasion to purchase my music, singly or as an album when you go here. My first album “Small Things Shining Bright” is up, with the second, “A Bit of Change” coming soon.

What’s more, with my journey on the technology learning curve resembling a roller-coaster ride, there will be videos of recent concerts coming in this space as well. Watch for it and join me!

Hamilton and area peeps and streamers: CFMU 93.3, 11:30 – 12:00, Saturday, February 22, I’ll be with Jim Marino on his Freewheeling Folk show, playing music and talking about stuff. Give it a listen – I might even be articulate!