So you want to learn music. Maybe you’re just starting out or you’ve picked up that guitar you laid aside while life passed you by. Maybe you think you can never be good enough.

“You know, by the time you think you’re good enough you’ll be dead. Start now.”

Ed offers lessons on guitar, ukelele, theory, songwriting and composition. He takes students from ages 16 and up and  specializes  in teaching adults. “I teach you how not to be afraid of either your instrument or yourself. Mostly I teach you how to be patient with yourself. You can make music so you can share with others or just have the satisfaction of having done it yourself.”

It takes time and patience. And now is the only time you have to begin.

Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes, weekday evenings.

Contact violaplayer.moritz@gmail.com 


 cropped-ed-at-tobermory-campground-jul-2105.jpgWe can start the journey from there.