Rendezvous of Fools

An old flame resurrects into your autumn years. I wanted something with the feel of a Parisian bistro patio, wine, and a pack of Gauloises. And the black magic of memory. I love what Anna did with this.

She turned and fell into his arms for this one time

and he caressed the naked curve below her ear

He swore he’d never let her drop his guard again but now she is so now and here

Remember this? she did not have to ask it when she pressed her hip into his memory so near

she knew as soon as she stepped through his open eyes his cool reserve would disappear


Is this the way old lovers recall a passion’s nova long since cooled

who knows how wintered flesh remembers the touch of a rendezvous of fools

What was this thing? Cafe and consequential fling

that gaze two seconds longer than a heartbeat grows

“How are the girls? Your grandson must be thirteen now did your ex-husband ever know?”


this is the way old lovers recall the suns of passion long since cooled

who knows how wintered flesh remembers the touch

This rendezvous of fools


The small talk fades in phantoms of their half-caught breath

there’s no surprise to where this conversation leads

He’s soft, she’s dry, but still they lie in tender naked summer skin filled ecstasy

So this surrender to the history of lips and sweet denial of the of rules

They’d rather be beside each other than beside themselves

This rendezvous of fools

La la, La la, la lala lala lala lala lah la la….ce rendezvous des fous

©2014 words and music by Edward Moll (SOCAN)

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