Ed’s newest album, A Bit of Change, has arrived!

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You can start buying my music through Bandcamp downloads. My second album — ”A Bit Of Change” is now hot off the presses.

Email me with your contact info if you want to purchase a hard copy CD, complete with liner notes, amazing photography by Laura Frederick, and of course my thanks and autograph. $25.00 plus shipping. Cheque or e-transfer accepted.

Click below to listen to the title song, a Bit of Change

Small Things Shining Bright

Small Thing Shining Brightly album cover Ed St. MoritzLike a Renaissance painting, this collection is a deep insight into the darkness and brightness of the human condition, with the light of perception, mastery of multiple genres, performed with a singular, inimitable voice.

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Edward has completed recording an extensive solo project, performed in a studio with a small audience immersed in the recording wearing headphones.

Songs about kids with PTSD  and hope amid the ruins of civilization. And his slack wire walking father. And his heart attack on New Year’s Eve 2016.

You can become a member of Ed’s Patreon gathering – a unique community of supporters and partners to make his work ‘our’ work. Become part of a project that musically documents stories and reflections on the state of our collective soul. Taking inspiration from delivery drivers, co-workers, from where he lives, from his beloved sleeping in the next room is as he writes.

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“The longer I live, the more I know I can’t do this alone.”

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