Edward St Moritz

is a Canadian singer-songwriter making his way in Collingwood, Ontario.

He writes about love, death, and the universe.

And six-toed kitties. And sticky toffee pudding.

He creates and performs lyrically driven songs in a post-alternative-folk way, fusing elements of Celtic sensibility, classical Old World influence, and gritty, poignant observation. 

Rendezvous of Fools

by Edward St Moritz | Small Things Shining Bright

So what happens when love remembered meets old flame? Say, in Paris in a cafe on the left bank, at a table with wine and croissants and Gauloises and a not-so-accidental ankle nudge?

A Rendezvous of Fools.

 Thanks to Bruce Rumble, bass; Anna Atkinson, violin and accordion; Ray Dillard, percussion; yours truly on guitar and vocals.