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A Bit of Change

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Edward St Moritz’s second album, recorded solo live off Ray Dillard’s studio floor. A collection of 16 songs travelling from hope to darkness and back to hope again. Included with this download is a PDF booklet with the lyrics and a short story behind the song, with photos by Laura Frederick and Edward.


Small Things Shining Bright

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This is a steamer trunk of road tunes with bucket lists full of dreams; Inspirations from church pews to voices in the wee hours of the morning; ” what if I had ten minutes to live?” kind of questions; Parisian cafes, secret assignations, the scent of Gauloises in the air; nightmares and suicide and PTSD, reflections on life and death without an afterlife; sex in the kitchen and love in a cup of morning coffee.

Listen to songs “lyrically driven in a kind of post-folk way, fusing elements of classical Old World influences and gritty observation.”

There is love there, but with a distinct taste of cigars and old single malt scotch.

Age, mortality, death; love, sex and shadowed divine farce from a darkside navigator.