Edward St Moritz is a Canadian singer-songwriter and self confessed amateur fool, and darkside navigator. Music is his bicycle of choice to tell human stories, where he writes original songs about love, death, and the universe.

Edward’s public performances were once from behind a pulpit.

“The deity had had a long running argument with me: she wanted me to follow music. I played at the clergy thing until she had enough of that foolishness. She gave me the unusual gift of a serious depression and put me in a soul lock until I relented.” After over a decade of experimentation, writing, composing, working stuff out, not to mention day jobs, Edward has come out the other side with a CD in his pocket, one on the burner, and a purpose.

He creates and performs songs lyrically driven in a kind of post-folk way, fusing elements of Celtic sensibility, classical Old World influence, and gritty observation.

Edward has played on the east and west coast of Canada. He’s opened for renowned folksinger/storyteller James Keelaghan, been on a CBC radio production, acted in theatrical productions like Fiddler on the Roof and Pirates of Penzance, and been a collaborative songwriter with symphonies.

Ray Dillard, Bruce Rumble, Edward St. Moritz and Alyssa Wright

He played rhythm guitar in a local gypsy jazz combo, The Huronia Hot Strings, and was inside desk second violist for the Huronia Symphony Orchestra.

Working with producer and musician Don Bray, in 2016 Ed finished his CD of original songs “Small Things Shining Bright”. Now having recorded with producer Ray Dillard a second album, “Caught”, (to be released in early 2020), Edward continues his musical exploration of dark and light.

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