The Back Story

There was a time when Edward’s public performances were from behind a pulpit. Then, in his words, “The deity had had a long running argument with me: she wanted me to follow music. I played at the clergy thing until she had enough of that foolishness. She gave me the unusual gift of a serious depression and put me in a soul lock until I relented.” After over a decade of experimentation, writing, composing, working stuff out, and working at day jobs, Edward is coming out the other side with two CDs and a purpose.


Your music takes me to somewhere between the Renaissance and a more contemporary Troubadour/Balladeer. Great…funny, honest, interesting, compelling. Your talent has a “timeless” quality in that your amazing ability to articulate is both clear and emotive. You’ve struck a really authentic and lovely point in this regard. Your music is skillful both instrumentally and vocally…. authentic, diverse, delivered with mastery and passion “ 

Marg Gurr, sculptor.

       At the moment, Ed makes Collingwood, Ontario his home. He has played on the east and west coast of Canada, He has opened for renowned folksinger/storyteller James Keelaghan in Midland, Ontario. He collaborated with Maestro Oliver Balaburski, conductor of Barrie’s Huronia Symphony Orchestra on an original commissioned 2014 Christmas holiday project “Sadie’s Door” writing the narrative portion of this musical work. 

       He creates and performs songs lyrically driven in a post-folk way, fusing elements of Celtic sensibility, classical Old World influence, and gritty observation. Love is there but with a distinct taste of cigars and well-aged single malt. Working with producer and musician Don Bray, Ed finished his CD of original songs “Small Things Shining Bright” in 2016. He recorded a second album “A Bit of Change”, produced by Ray Dillard in 2019 and released in September 2020. 

       As well as having taught music and English as a second language in his private studio, he plays rhythm guitar in a local gypsy jazz combo, The Huronia Hot Strings, and was second violist for the Huronia Symphony Orchestra. He has recently joined a local choir, ChoralWorks in Collingwood.

       He has just finished a six-week summer stint with Theatre Georgian Bay as their composer/performer for the incidental music and songs of their production of Shakespeare’s Tempest.

       Edward is now working on another set of songs for a third album, a series of art pieces converting photographs into soundscapes, and writing a novel about the long-lasting effects of a grandmother’s secret diaries written during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia during the Second World War.

Summer of 2023 - Theatre Georgian Bay

Theatre Georgian Bay called Edward to compose, direct, and perform songs and incidental music for their production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. Outdoors at the amphitheatre across the marina and the Terminal. Yes, there were storms – they barely missed us.

A Bit of Change

In collaboration with producer Ray Dillard Edward recorded a series of 16 original songs in a live solo studio session over four weekends in 2020. The result was a journey into the political, social, and personal shadows of the day. He navigates the darkside here, and the result is full of energy and pathos.

Small Things Shining Bright

With the help of producer and fellow singer-songwriter Don Bray, as well as some fine and accomplished musicians, this is Edward’s first work of songs. A veritable road trip from the inner world to the outer, from a war zone to the kitchen, and more.